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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale China 's garment industry Make a greater contribution. 2014 Milan Fashion Week, New Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week have come to an end. Show field where the model all respect for their work, show off the show to see the star of the influx of people is not ambiguous. Now, Xiaobian No. 35 - Clara RaczClara Racz The list of boutique owners released her debut in the 1990s retro look (including antique Levi Maxi 's skirt and Daffy Duck 's tee) and many normcore costumes is a classic example. No. 34 - Sarah Chavez Sarah Chavez Whether on the edge of the elegant Ann Demeulemeester or the Surrealism-esque print jacket, the unconventional street-style designer goes to the bait No. 33 - Annina MislinAnina Mislin magazine 'C' fashion editor insists on her minimalist style, flashed some serious abs in New York. No. 32 - Taylor Tomasi Hill TAYlor Tomasi Hill Her only appear on the list, Taylor welcomes back to the No. 31 - Aimee SongAimee Song In addition to seasonal delamination, Amy arrests discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet I wrote an article, the theme is 'Giambattista Valli need a chance', and now it seems, Giambattista Valli has been more and more people recognized. Giambattista Valli was founded in 2004 the brand, in March 2005 launched the first series. Designers from Rome, Italy, returned to Italy after graduating from St. Martin, Roberto Capucci that do assistant, and then went to FENDI and Krizia as women's clothing senior designer, in 1997, Emanuel Ungaro served as clothing art director. Many brands of work experience, exercise out of the extraordinary design strength, and in the creation of their own designer brand can be fully developed. With its 'no rules' attitude, as well as the ratio and shape unparalleled attention, has won a large number of fashion advocates, including many big names. Giambattista Valli really let people come to the line of sight before, because he launched in 2011, the first high-level custom fashion series, a senior custom club in Paris, a member. We all know that the current line of advanced customization ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet the top NYFW for her Michael Kors printing, reminding us of the best way to pajamas suits. No. 30 - Shala MonroqueShala Monroque Sometimes just a glittering gold miniskirt stand out from the crowd. No. 29 - Lucy Chadwick Lucy Chadwick She is the only one to win the first position on this list for two consecutive days and this white Celine skirt highlights not only because it ' Sa big trend under the spring but also because she recovers it from her wedding. No. 28 - Christine Centenera Christine Centenera While the men 's section looks and this chic cowboy jumpsuit may not have gotten Christine listed in this way before us, she still No. 27 - Chloe Norgaard Chloe Norgaard because she knows the street style is not to take themselves too seriously. No. 26 - Leandra MedineLeandra Medine We love it when someone listens to us and wears Rossi Assoulin to win No. 25 - Catherine BabaCatherine Baba Who else can look very charming season after the season in the mad cap and sunglasses? ray ban sunglasses factory outlet